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Oliver Lerone Schultz studied Philosophy, History of Science, and Ethnography in Germany, extended by studies in Cognitive Science and Political Economy of Industrial Societies in Berkeley.

 Working with media-activist collectives—co-initiating globale-Filmfestival, laborB*, and other structures—he was academic researcher in Media Theory and Visual Culture (FU Berlin, Academy of Sciences). After 2010 he focussed on post-media research, contributing to the initiations of the Centre for Digital Cultures at Leuphana, co-initiating the Post-Media Lab, and co-curating VideoVortex #9. After finishing the project “Making Change”—a co-activist research on social change acteurs in the so-called global south in 2015—he is now working on the notion of trans.design, looking at altermodern form(ation)s of “design” within the context of critical and transversal theories of social transformation and “world-making.” In 2016 he was chair of the Anxious to Act stream at transmediale/conversationpiece, adressing the re-calibration of perspectives and re-orientations of global activism.

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