crediting images on this site
images on this site are either: - my own - listed on this page where taken from creative commons, public domain, or the like - or, taken from the interwebs, where they circulate as avatars or indexing people + projects; these are sometimes taken as 'thumbnails' providing link + information for people + projects I interacted with (this is deemed fair use; and unwanted usage will be removed immediately) ->


13. aug 18 image by John Fogarty (flickr) : CC by used in 'figuring out heteropolitics'

Film Rolls

March 23, 2008 photo by Luca Nonato (flickr) : CC by-nc used in menu 'Images' (Meta)

Guerilla in the midst

Montreal, March 29, 2012 Masked Ball Demonstration Against Tuition Hikes. photo by 'scottmontreal' (flickr) : CC by-nc used in 'Transversal Values : On New Forms of Coalition' (feb 18)

Larry Bell, 6 x 8: An Improvisation

1994. photo by White Cube (Ben Westoby) : © Larry Bell used in 'realize.immersion' (jan 18)