ein paar worte zu dieser seite...


this is, or rather will be: my new public page documenting my activities and more immediate ambits. it will continuously grow and replace lerone.net, my former, aged, still loved webpage ( – which is laid to rest + turns into a legacy-page) the build up of this new site might take some time as a lot of content – old + new – is involved; and spare time is currently not too abundant (mostly for good reasons). so, please bear with me. and enjoy what you find meanwhile :-)


on personal archiving

no person is an institution. and no institution really reflects people on the level of their persona. the tension between these two assertions is what drives me (as some) to embark on the impossible mission of keeping a personal 'official' page – or an official 'personal' page... ... you get the drift. so, for all those dissatisfied with jovial self-descriptions when faced with intrinsically messy sites, please read the following ->. ( I stole it for you from Cassie Thornton´s FED website, as she borrowed these words from Rick Prelinger – to describe places and efforts like the one you are sitting in front of. )