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teil von: panel I [kulturelle felder]
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This workshop is interested in the articulation of politics in times of data driven publics, including their off-line, lo-tech, and piratical formations as well. It looks at the status of critique vis-à-vis media debates which seem to return in a twisted form of Big Data, social networks, and the (re-)emergence of right-wing populism. It aims to reassess terms of critical humanities, such as class, race and gender, in order to better address the political and technological conditions of possibility for these echo chambers and filter bubbles. Furthermore, it brings into question the current longing for a new ontological grounding in cultural and media theory, characterised by discussions and theory production around the Anthropocene, non-human agency, and technological environmentality.

A Workshop by Clemens Apprich, Miglė Bareikytė, Joshua Neves and Nelly Y. Pinkrah