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25. Nov 2018

Figuring Out Heteropolitics

talk @ 'Nová Európa' (Košice) // the social has to be re-sourced in fundamental ways, knotting together very different assemblages in a new general assembly. While there are no ready made answers to be given, we can start figuring out
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21. Jan 2018

realize immersion

panel chair @ 'Into Worlds' by Berliner Festspiele + Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB) // Discussing question of the mechanics and 'realism' of media related 'immersion' and enquiring to what extent social relations are expressed in these new phenomena of mediated experience.
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18. Nov 2017

presentation @ 'Post-X-Politics' Leuphana University // Can – and: should – 'design' be part of the articulation of a current-day progressive politics? Is there a way to include any understanding or notion of 'design' – as intentful, preconceived, planned, coordinated, and reflexive shaping – in relation to our shared social structures and longed-for (trans-)collective futures? 
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