28. Nov 2016


hybrid video-book publication @ Open Humanities Press // an edited collection of assembled and annotated video essays – stored on a server inside a VHS (Video Home System) case. this is both a digital and analog object: manifested, in a scholarly gesture, as a ‘video book’. eventually after.video will be living in two instantiations: an online version – located on the web and in the offline version.
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1. Feb 2016

Anxious to Act

Five years after the tumultuous political events of 2011, which triggered a series of dispersed yet medially choreographed acts of resistance, the larger patterns and nature of global activism and individual action are in need of assessment and reinvention. From Tahrir to Taksim, from Occupy to Indignados, from the Twitter and Facebook Revolutions to the Blackberry Riots, the Anxious to Act stream confronts the events behind us as well as…
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