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_ Oliver Lerone Schultz + Adnan Hadzi + Pablo de Soto + Laila Shereen Sakr: (editorial) _ Clare Birchall + Gary Hall + Peter Woodbridge: Control Societies _ Karin + Shane Denson: Scannable images: materialities of Post-Cinema after Video _ Rózsa Zita Farkas: The Crying Selfie _ Deborah Ligotrio: Guided Meditation _ Lucia Egaña Rojas: Contingent Feminist Tactics for Working with Machines Eric Kiuitenberg: Capturing the Ephemeral and Contestational _ Adnan Hadzi: Surveillance Assemblies _ Andreas Treske: You Spin me Round – Full Circle
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many people + parties contributed to this book. find details here -> .


happy to be endorsed by some valued fellows and peers: Dalida Maria Benfield, Larisa Blazic, Sean Cubitt, Geert Lovink, Gabriel Menotti, Joshua Neves, Peter Snowdon ... who think that "the launch of "is a reason to celebrate". read their full – sometimes even poetic – endorsements here -> .
invited presentations
: 6 feb ´16 @ transmediale/conversationpiece, HKW / Berlin 'Seeing Power - What about that?' - dsiplay, live presentation w/ VJ performance : 17 apr '16 @ Libre Graphics / London -presentation : 22 jun '16 @ 'Indefinite Visions', Whitechapel Art Gallery / London The Audiovisual Essay (Workshop) @ Indefinite Vision Symposium - presentation + display : 01-04 nov '16 @ On Display, Bilkent University / Ankara ON DISPLAY: IMMEMORY, SOFT CINEMA, AFTER VIDEO (Exhibition) - display : 24 mar '17 @ Society For Cinema and Media Studies / Chicago - presentation of video book in context of Shane Denson's presention of 'Scannable Images', workshop 'Deformative Criticism and Digital Experimentations in Film and Media Studies'
resonances & reflections
: Ersan Ocak & Andreas Treske take the reflection to a higher ground. elevating and eludicating – what is missing in sound quality on this ephemeral snapshot of two most valued peers reframing in a larger context of digitally extended video (Chris Markers 'Immemory' (1997) & Lev Manovich´s 'Soft Cinema' (2005)) is made good by quality of vision and horizon. 'On Display: Exhibition Review with Ersan Ocak & Andreas Treske'

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published in the Liquid Book series. Liquid Books is a series of experimental digital books published under the conditions of both open editing and free content.
Series editors: Clare Birchall and Gary Hall. here you get a downloadable version of the virtual machine holding as well as the accompanying booklet. – at a later point one will also find the link to an online version. @ OpenMute

the 'assembly-on-demand' version of is available via OpenMute. with this instance one gets a pre-assembled Raspberry Pie containing a virtual machine with the FrameTrail-framework and the interactive contents of the first issue ... all pre-packaged, ready-to-go – with WiFi connection – in a VHS-cover. – cool, right?